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I love a lot of different sports.  Let me clarify; I love watching a lot of different sports.  I was never a great athlete but always have admired those who have athletic ability.  I do play tennis but that’s about it so this weekend has been great as we have another major tennis tournament going on. (The French Open) Also, the NBA and NHL playoffs are also happening.  I am actually watching the San Antonio Spurs play the Oklahoma City Thunder right now.

As I relax this Saturday evening (and I believe relaxation and down-time is part of a healthy lifestyle) I can’t help but admire these basketball players as they run up and down the court.  These guys have dedicated their lives to this game at a very young age and have worked very hard to get where they are.  When I was younger I would be jealous of guys like this but now it gives me motivation to better myself.  Even though I’ll never reach the physical fitness levels they have reached I realize that I can also dedicate myself to something that will make me a better person.  Weekends are a great time to re-focus on what needs to be done in the week ahead.  I may go for a run on Saturday mornings but then that’s it for my exercise the rest of the weekend…

My biggest challenge the remainder of the weekend is to eat well. Any suggestions??  Eating the right things at times when it is so convenient not to is my biggest hurdle on my road to a healthier lifestyle.   

How do you continue to eat healthy over the weekend even though it’s so convenient not to?


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  1. The weekends are hard!! Try to plan ahead and pre portion snacks is my advice

  2. I have the same problem dad. I mean the weekend is the time to go out, have a date, have fun. But I think we can be better with the choices we make when we’re not eating at home. I’ve tried to choose the healthiest options at a restaurant or make healthier choices with what I’m craving. Like a burger and fries turns into a turkey burger on whole wheat bun with a side salad (with dressing on the side). Pizza has turned into thin crust, whole wheat and some kind of chicken rather than sausage or pepperoni. Popcorn is now smart pop. Fried chicken is now grilled or baked…etc. And when the options are limited or I just have to have that pizza, I try to limit what I do eat, like a slice of pizza and subsidize that with a salad or some veggies when I get home, instead of 3 or sometimes even 4 slices… Good luck! I’ll let you know how I do this weekend!

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